Elite Regenerative Care

The New Standard of Healing

Healing takes time, though for many patients it may take longer than average to heal a wound or an injury. With human amniotic allografts, Elite Regenerative Care revolutionizes the body’s method of healing in a way that is natural, keeps the affected area protected, and also helps patients heal more quickly.

Natural Wound Healing

Human amniotic allografts are sourced from women who consented to donating their amniotic tissues after giving birth to a healthy, full-term baby. These tissues are often discarded, but they can be used for their collagen, amino acids, and antibacterial properties in the form of a patch or an injection in order to treat wounds and injuries.

Keeping Wounds and Injuries Protected

The key to healing a wound or injury well is to keep the area protected. This means ensuring the area is clean and also well-covered to protect against infections. Human amniotic allografts (either in the form of an injection or a patch) create the ideal healing environment due to their ability to keep a wound sealed. With our amniotic allografts, environmental factors won’t hinder your body’s ability to heal.

Healing Faster

For patients with autoimmune diseases or severe injuries, faster and more efficient healing is ideal. Because of the collagen, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids found in amniotic tissues, amniotic allograft patches and injections promote effective skin cell regeneration. Cells natually regenerate over time when healing an injury, but by giving them an amniotic boost, cell turnover is much faster.

Elite Regenerative Care is proud to offer sophisticated human amniotic allograft patches and injections. Heal your body today.

Regenerate Your Body Today

Our bodies can do remarkable things, but sometimes they need a boost in order to fully mend. We are proud to revolutionize the way your body heals wounds and injuries with our sophisticated human amniotic allograft patches and injections. Heal your body today at Elite Regenerative Care.


Elite Regenerative Care specializes in wound healing with state-of-the-art amniotic allografts. Injections and patches can naturally enhance and optimize your body’s natural healing abilities, simultaneously protecting your wounds and healing them more efficiently.